Kawan Super Powerrr Saya =)

teRRibLe night is A baD dReaM !!

4 second tyme in my life ,, i had a exactly same dream ,, 
gosh !! the dream scared me 2 death ,, && every tyme i wake up ,, i will find dat im crying !!
ferst tyme was last year .& today i had the same dream ! i still remembe how the dream begin & how d dream end !!
i hope it wont happen in real lyfe of coz !!
erghh .. seriusly i cant reli believe dat im crying afte i wake up ! but dat wat happen 2 me ..
its jus look sooo real !!
i juz hope its fade 4rm my mind right away =(

p/s->witout realizing at ferst ,, u noe wat ?? its my first english post !! HAHA ..

♥Terima Kasih Daun Keladi , Sudah Baca Tick Tick la♥

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