Kawan Super Powerrr Saya =)

Je Taime

*Cehh dont even know nak eja atas ni , but teringin nak tulis cause ramai yang guna . Har har cih*

So , as the last post said , here we go . Lets start the pictures talking post :)

Hm , so , we had our last paper on 27th of november . Last paper which is bio and yeah . Had a little party for ourself right after the paper is done . Simple yet meaningful . Yang marah kecewa sikit cause tak ramai yang ada , account class and perd class tak join ._. Walaupun dah diajak . K korang .

Anyways , we had a good time together . We even made a silly video . Hahaha k . So i dont think it will be enough to write , so im just going to let the pictures talk . *Ps: Had to make collage out of it . Malas nak upload bebanyak woi*

Oh well , this is not from the last day tu . Ni kacang cpture masa majlis restu ilmu spm . Wooo ini baru syokkkkkkk :)
Same goes to this . The mighty 5 science 2 . Believe me , chinese in our class , they are one of the best . And Sock Hua , one of the amazing creature . Kahkah
Bebudak Raja Mahadi memang sakai macam amin . Tapi kami tetap awesome . Oh whattttt lol the signing timeeeeeee :)
Best thing that ever happen to me ? Its them :*
Tengah belaja for bio paper two lagi nih . Hhahahah ecited level increaseeeeeeeee

The Syazza and The Batrisyia and The Aisyah ! :)
The two cousins and me . Trust me , kami awesome sebab kami tak takut tangkapa gambar dengan pejabat . Loll do believe me , its the scool office ! xx

Anywhere anytime .

Top two annoying creature . Har har har

The peace sign is always there . Always . Hhahahahahahah
The heart beating for them :) Till Jannah . In sha allah !

The mighty aminsssssssssssssss

You dont have to be pretty to have a lot of amazing friends :)

The said to be 3k1's Cehh ajet ajet

Mahadians :)

Best creaturesssss everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Jemah signing Taufiq's shirt . Woohoooo

The three Charlie's

Bro , Lu terbaik broh ! Hahahahah abudennnnn

The girls :)

And the signing continueeeeeeeee
Trust me , camera and pictures do feed us a lot , Harharhar

Super and wonder girls ! :)

The front and back side of them :) The boyssssss and my kain + baju batt.

The middle . Hiks my best ketua ever :* Adi , he's one of the amazing creature i have met in raja mahadi . Annoying yet lovable . Pui Hhahahahahah

So yeah , we had a perfect last day . It may the last day we met in school but we will keep in touch with each other and why is it ? Cause our friendship are meant until forever :)

Perfect moment with a perfect people just make your life perfect enough :) *Taufiq's missing . Hhahah and yes , he's the photographer ! *
The sincerely hoping this friendship never end ,
Aisyah Jamil :)

♥Terima Kasih Daun Keladi , Sudah Baca Tick Tick la♥

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