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im sorry im sorry im sorry im sorry im sorry :D

HAHA . ok , sori guys coz i didnt update for such a long time right ? fuuuuhhh ==' srius ite busyyyyyy gile . tade mase ouh . lagi pon exam triam mau mengahampiri nie :) cuakk cuakk . mane tak cuak , trial na dekat , bilangan a tak banyak . macam mane na dapat 8a hah ? harapan ==' any brialliant student , do volunteer urself to teach me how to study please ? :( allright , bab study satu hal jugakk kan ? mmg ta leyh elak la kan ? hee ~

btw , kepade korang yg bernama FRIENDS , please , jgn bnde kecik na jauhkan diri ok ? be a bit matured . dont make decision follow your heart . think before u do and ask before u accuse people . dont make thing messy . and most importantly , be a brialliant person not a "syaitan"  person :) HAHA . sape baek , mmg akn dapat kawan yg baik but sape yang perangai yg ta elok , u dont really expect your friends have a good attitude isn'it ? Grrrr .

after a long time i didnt update bout my super duper boyfie , now im watching him again and again . god , he inspired me alot ! i mean A LOT ! i interested in bi like hell ! HAHA . wish i can meet him at least once :) whos the lucky guy ? of course the most admirable blogger , Anwar Hadi :) *sorry bro , for calling u my boyfie :) HAHA . well , teenagers ^^

next , about the word apologizing . do you really noe how to apologize in proper way ? if the answer is no ? then go and ask your teacher to teach you ok :) apologive in proper way . dont make people irritate in how u appologive :) rite , i should write boy dat in next entry ! K chawwww !

::The End ::

♥Terima Kasih Daun Keladi , Sudah Baca Tick Tick la♥

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