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Apologize in a proper way please :)

Apologize :)
according to my best friend dictionary , dis is the meaning of apologize :)

1.to express or make an apology; acknowledge failings or faults
2. to make a formal defence in speech or writing

orite , wen we talk about , apologize , word sorry is just a common is it ? the problem is when there is some people who dont know to say sorry . bukan tak tahu cakap sorry tapi tak reti na MINTA MAAF ! there are two types of people that i want to talk bout dis time .

::First=People who are not bisu , and perfectly fine is reluctant to say sorry:: 

ok guys , to that guys , say sorry might get your pride hurt huh ? come on , say sorry show that u have some courtesy . and when u say sorry , it shows that yaou parents teach u well ! if u done something unforgivable , theN be sorry for it ! feel free to sorry :) its FOC :) cakap maaf takkan membawa anda ke jalan yang lebih sesat . tak jatuh sakit pon kalau cakap maaf kan . so , ape salahnya rendahkan sikit diri anda yang tinggi tuh and minta maaf :)

::Second= People who are perfectly fine , know how to say sorry but in a "weird" manners ! ::

honestly , u better be in discategory than the first one . ok actually im trying to be polite saying "weird" manners , acctl. proper word for that is "SARCASTIC" ok , wat im trying to say is , hmm ~  ok , u are right of apologizing if you are wrong . tapi if cara u nak minta maaf tu kalo salah tak kene jugak kan ? apa yang ak cuba cakap is , dah tahu u wat something yg harus di minta nmaaf , then minta maaf betol2 . jangan anggap bende tu sebagai lawak atau benda main-main as an example *say sorry but gelak macam benda tu macam tak salah langsung**say sorry tapi tak penuh perasaan , macam pepatah lepas batuk di tangga la **cakap sorry pastuh wat balek* wtf ? da minta maaf tuh wat la cara da minta maaf . Dont make people annoyed by how u r apologizing . 

Alright , dat the topic i wanna share wit you all , actually wat de most impiortang is how u apologizing . if da say sorry then say sorry in proper way . dont make people annoyed :) bye bye :)

"Ego yang tinggi akan membuatkan seseorang itu dihina ."
"Humble yourself wont make your pride hurt "

p/s->Maaf kepada one guy tadi pasal kat skolah tadi :( i AM really sorry ! i din mean it dat way :'(

♥Terima Kasih Daun Keladi , Sudah Baca Tick Tick la♥

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