Kawan Super Powerrr Saya =)

Halwa Telinga :p Mueh mueh

Assalammualaikum :D 

Hey guys (Y) Selamat pagi !!!!! Semoga hari anda ceria dan lebih baik dari semalam k ;) Ewah xD Ayat . Hhahahah bajet comel betulk Lol . So , as you guys had Notice , i just add "Music" into my blog . It will kept played until you guys pause it ;) So , DONT PAUSE IT !!!!!! I mean , yah . The song is reaaly nice :') Its was covered by two person . A single dad with his brilliant daughter , Alexa .

The video was way too nice weh ! I mean . Yah ! It is too nice !!!!! Adorable and comel nak mati . Hhahahah So , mind to click at the bottom ? Hhahahah tgok video dia nih !!!

The upper video is when she and her dad entered a competition :) Omaigod . It was way to cute :*

♥Terima Kasih Daun Keladi , Sudah Baca Tick Tick la♥

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