Kawan Super Powerrr Saya =)


Woohoo . Morning and assalamualaikum earthlings xx :) So . yeah . The interview . Hm , i got training for 1 week first and only then , decide whether nak teruskan or not . The interview went well . Okay , first time interview dalam bahasa omputeh , geletaq tekak ceq naaa :p The pay quite okay for me . Rm4.50 per hour . One day , the working hours is 8 hours . But , dia dah warning kerja subway penat gila -,- Haa mendapat . Thats why the seems like manager ask me to try first before officially startin' . Ahak

Guhreat . nerbes nerbess ayam ekceli cause this is my first time working . Woohoo kalau tak disebabkan nak duit ................................ aku pun takt nak kerja . Sesorang okay . Ssorang . plus plus orang kat situ ada abe abe nepal . Cihhhhhhh scaryyy aihh .

Ps: Trying to look for a more simpler background . White and clean . Susahnyaaaaa -,-


                                                                                      Girl who wake up early , Aisyah xx *Hiks hiks*

♥Terima Kasih Daun Keladi , Sudah Baca Tick Tick la♥

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